the last airbender was a descrace. M. Night S. should've had an army of Avatar fans as concultents. They squshed important scenes and added unneccsary ones. where are the kioshi worriors? why was harru 10? the only thing i think they got right was Yue.

right now im just pissed

(edit 9/15/11):

i literary almost cried when i saw it and was told not to comment on anything.

It. Was. TORTURE!!! The Ember Island Players did a better job!!! i'm serious! not joking at all! they did so much better! and at least it was funny, entertaining and kept you watching. things m. night didn't do! and there is no way i could ever explain in words how horrible and torturous it was. My dad doesn't get it at all, he actually liked the movie. (don't ask how, i don't know) i don't think anyone but other avatar fans (like you guys) could understand the hatred i have for this movie. i never knew how bad a movie could really get until i watched this. usually a bad movie has an excuse. like a low budget, or it was made a while back so the effects aren't any good. and it was maybe one mistake, one tiny thing that shoved slightly it over the edge.

No. this movie has no excuse. it had 150 million dollars. it's a 2010 movie. it's based on the greatest animated series of all time. this should have been an exceptional movie. but it wasn't. It was a massive epic fail.

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