Community Fanon

noun; A project that works 100% of the time, without fail. In fact, we should probably keep trying more, because the next one is sure to work out better than the previous ones. See: Our StoryThe Blood Bath of FanonsVortex etc. "Hey, let's start a community fanon that everyone will lose interest in before two weeks pass!"
That is the WLS Urban Dictionary entry for community projects such as the most recent, Vortex. As many of you know, it has one chapter and a rather large following already (Mr. Rocks...ahem...) Anyway, I am here as an author on this wonderful project here to reassure all of you faithful readers that what has befallen the past community projects will not be so here. I'm sure you will all be glad to know that Chapter 1 is nearing completion, and Chapter 2 is already being written. Fear not, good Avatar wikians, this project will go on! We continue to meet and discuss the course that this fanon collaboration will take, and it looks promising. So cheer up! Read! Subscribe! And most importantly, do not lose hope! We will not suffer from Unichap disorder here! :)
(It seems like I might read the WLS Urban Dictionary too much...nah, couldn't be)

This has been a Vortex Public Service Announcement.
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