As both Sons and Daughters and the first season of the Legend of Korra are coming to a close, I feel that I should let the Avatar Wiki know about my next big (and possibly final) fanon piece. It All Ends will be a culmination of my Spirit War trilogy that began with Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth.

The spirits have been meddling in the affairs of mankind since the beginning, but as of late, it has taken a sinister turn. Now the Earthbending Avatar, Argho, and his team must take on the very spirits that would see our world plunged into a war for supremacy. From the Northern Water Tribe to Republic City, this world-shaking conflict will span the globe, and both worlds will never be the same!

This fanon is likely to be my largest yet, and it will answer any remaining questions left at the end of AaBE and S&D. I thank those of you who have stood by me thus far, and I thank those of you who will (I hope) continue to read my fanons. The Avatar Wiki has been so supportive, and I look forward to finishing my fanon career.

Note: For those of you on the FRS, have no fear; I intend to keep writing reviews even after It All Ends is completed.

I am extremely excited for this, and I plan on it being my best work yet!

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