I know this might seem like another "I'm going inactive" blogs. I'm allaying your fears now; it's not. That being said, I imagine some of you (at least I hope a few of you) have noticed that I haven't been contributing too much lately. What does this mean? Well, college life is, erm, demanding. (I will freely admit that some of my slowed pace has been due to recently released video games) This does not mean that I am no longer a participant on this wiki, and for those of you who are interested, I will be attempting to release a new chapter of my current fanon once a week. However, I will not be editing the mainspace hardly at all, and if anything else comes up, I might have to put S&D on the backburner. You can rest assured that when The Promise and LoK come out, my activity here will skyrocket regardless of whatever I have going on. I'll still check the wiki everyday, and if you have a question or something, feel free to message me on my talk page.

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