Here is my entry for Minnichi's contest. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it.

Note: The Lu Ten portrayed here is an OC I made for Sons and Daughters; he is the eldest of Zuko and Mai's two children.

Epic Art for Epic Battles Entry: Lu Ten vs. Iroh II

“So…” Lu Ten and his nephew, the newly christened General Iroh of the United Republic Forces, knelt across from one another. “…my sister tells me that you’ve passed all of your tests, every trial that has been put before you.”

The young military man cocked his head. “Only so much as my training has allowed, Uncle.”

“Humility…that’s good, especially for what is about to come next.” He stood without pressing his hands to the floor. “Are you ready for your final test?”

“I am.”

The older man nodded, adopting a neutral position with his hands placed behind his back, and his nephew formed up with a traditional Firebending stance.

Youth outpaced age for the first strike, with Iroh giving a nod to the Dancing Dragon form by lashing out with a push-kick. The fireball streaked toward Lu Ten, who twisted to the side and followed with multiple small, two-fingered fire flares. The young general did take much of his skill from his namesake and made use of the ebb and flow style of Waterbenders to dodge, waving his arms in a windmill motion as he did so. The flames spun and whirled, forming a funnel that barreled toward the old man.

The older Firebender executed a sideways spinning jump, allowing his blue flames to cut the vortex in half. Now they were close, and he continued his assault with a fire-enhanced knee to the midsection and a round kick with that same leg to the face.

The second portion of the maneuver never struck its target, as Iroh weaved under it and caught his uncle’s standing leg with a sideways chop. As he fell, the old man twisted around and hit the ground with only his fists, quickly pushing himself back up before his opponent could react, or so he thought.

Lu Ten turned as his feet hit the floor once more, only to find his nephew with an open hand at his throat.

A smirk grew on the young man’s face. “I believe I've passed, Uncle.”

“Indeed you did, General Iroh."

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