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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing What A Tart! by Fruipit on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

What a Tart! is another one-shot by one of the wiki’s resident Toph-lovers, Fruipit. This time, she gives us a Taang fic through the eyes of…a fruit tart? Okay, I can dig it. Once again, I review one-shots a tad differently than regular fanons, simply because several of my categories need multiple chapters to truly form.

The Good: Fruipit’s writing ability is nothing to sneeze at; she’s very good at writing prose and poetry, something that can be hard to do. That ability shines in the description of the titular tart, of all things. Fruipit uses imagery of all kinds to paint a picture of the POV character. It is also a credit that this one-shot made me laugh; it was full of well-timed humor that, at times, poked fun at the author’s own sanity (or lack thereof). Last point: the pastry was a good character (I never…ever…imagined myself writing a sentence like that).

The Bad (I hate calling it this…): Given that this one-shot is entirely told from the observations of a pastry, I found that—to my disappointment—the characterizations of the people that the tart was observing were lacking severely. That’s really a shame, because in the past, Fruipit has proven particularly adept at characterization and provided us with some truly awesome moments. The primary genre that this one-shot is listed under is “Romance,” but I feel it might have made a tad more sense to bring focus to the humor, which is clearly what drives the story.

The Verdict: I liked this one-shot. It had a good dose of light-hearted humor and brilliant description to boot. However, the characters are a bit lacking, and the serious elements of the story fall flat because of that. That said, I’d easily recommend taking the time to read this, along with Fruipit’s other one-shots.

Score: 8.5/10

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