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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Tale of Hora by Henryjh98 on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

Two hundred and seventeen years ago, Avatar Korra was victorious over Amon. She lived a prosperous life and helped regenerate the rise of Airbenders. The population has now grown to an extraordinary amount in two hundred or so years. Hora, a young boy from the Southern Earth Kingdom, came to Republic City at the age of eleven to begin his training as the Avatar. He has excelled at everything but Waterbending, and now he is currently living at the Water Fortress Island, a new base for Waterbenders that Korra founded during her lifetime. But when a murder rips apart the ranks of Water Fortress Island, Hora and his best friend, an Airbender, Jinshto, delve into an investigation that leads them to the horrible truth. An organization made up of people from all four bending nations is plotting to take down Republic City and bring up a new glorious empire where everyone must abide by their rules.

This fanon had good potential, seeing as it was of a fairly new genre, but it seems that it has been discontinued. What a shame. I did see some grammatical issues and convenient conversations and plot devices, though. So I suppose if Henry ever gets back to it, he could work on those.


Story – 8.3: The story after Korra’s is a fresh genre, and Henry takes full advantage of that with a cool-looking group of antagonists and an early plot twist.

Action – 6.5: So far, the action has been reduced to a race…

Writing – 7.0: Apart from some grammar/spelling mistakes and clunky sentence structure, it’s not too bad.

Creativity – 8.5: I don’t think that the “Avatar after Korra” storyline will ever truly get stale, because the writer can do whatever they want with it.

Believability – 6.8: I found many of the plot points and conversations to be a tad too “convenient”.

Character Development – 4.0: With only two chapters dedicated to the main characters, there’s not much to go on, here.

Average Score: 6.9

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Henryjh98: Well, since the fanon is discontinued, I’m not sure how much good this’ll do. But I would suggest putting more action into the story and improving your grammar and sentence structure.

Who should read The Tale of Hora? Anyone itching for some “After LoK” stuff.

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