This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Lost Scrolls by RuleroftheBisons97 on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

Now that war is over, Team Avatar can relax but when Aang finds a mysterious water scroll things change for the worse. Iroh informs about his knowledge on the Lost Scrolls, sacred scrolls that contain information about each nation. Team Avatar then head out on another journey to find the scrolls. Things are in store for them when Azula breaks out from the mental institution she was locked in and swears to rule the world with help from a mysterious man named Camu, a man who can bend the energy in the elements!

This is another after-the-war fanon, a genre quite common among authors on the fanon portal, and it is a fairly well-written piece. However, it does suffer from the problem of being unremarkable, and in a genre that is so overflowing, to the point of bursting, an author needs something to set the piece apart. Lost Scrolls, if it can find that something, has the potential to be great.


Story – 7.5: The story of the Lost Scrolls is a pretty good fanon, and the idea of the Lost Scrolls is different. However, it still suffers under the confines of the overstuffed genre.

Action – 8.0: Action is done quite well, although it can be confusing at times. The Azula-related fight scenes are very well-written, as well.

Writing – 8.0: The writing itself is on an upper tier, though there are multiple issues regarding flow. Grammar, however, is sound for the most part.

Creativity – 7.0: Unfortunately, the addition of an Energybending antagonist and the Lost Scrolls is not enough to save this fanon from the confines of the genre.

Believability – 6.0: Several times, I found myself scratching my head and thinking “is this how they would act”, or something to that effect.

Character Development – 7.0: Ruler works with the characters that are already in place well enough, but there isn’t much growth to be seen. In addition, the interactions don’t quite feel right.

Average Score: 7.3

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for RuleroftheBisons97: Try and build the characters more; don’t just keep them static. And bring in story elements that will allow your fanon to stand out.

Who should read The Lost Scrolls? Anyone looking for, and loving, continuations of the Gaang’s adventures should give this one a shot.

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