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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Last Avatar by ZadocPaet on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

Hundreds of years after the time of Avatar Korra, in a future where benders are the outcasts of society, the world has fallen further out of balance than at any previous point in history. It is up to a band of rebels and the Avatar to bring peace to the five nations.

This fanon is part of a genre that is quickly becoming the norm, an after-LoK fanon where benders are oppressed. I don’t mind the genre, but it takes a certain special element for a fanon to now be interesting. Unfortunately, The Last Avatar has yet to find such an element, and it is not as good as it could be.


Story – 7.0: The story isn’t a bad one by any means, but it does lack something that could, and should, separate it from the others.

Action – 8.0: The action scenes were written well, but they lacked a certain punch, pardon the pun. I felt like they didn’t seem like something the reader was supposed to envision; it felt like I was being told instead of shown.

Writing – 7.5: The overall writing is okay, but the verb tenses throughout really bothered me. For example: “An energy blast comes from the sky and clears the air of enemies.” That method of writing in the present tense just feels awkward to read.

Creativity – 5.0: From Emblem of the Outlaw to Avatar Brek, these ‘after LoK’ fanons are popping up more and more. This one, as I stated previously, just doesn’t stand out yet.

Believability – 8.0: The story in, and of, itself is actually quite believable, although the beginning—where it describes the Dominion’s takeover of the entire world—is not quite as well-explained as I would’ve liked.

Character Development – 7.0: I can see the beginnings of some great character interactions among the Lionraptors, but there are still too few chapters to tell as of yet. Regarding the Avatar, I’m still not sure what he’s like as a character yet, and that might stem from the same problem.

Average Score: 7.1

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Zadoc: I’d suggest changing your verb tenses and to start writing in past tense. If you have a plot device that will make your fanon into something beyond the generic, I would also suggest making it known soon. Other than that, keep up the good work with the Lionraptors’ characterizations.

Who should read The Last Avatar? Anyone who enjoys fanons set after LoK should give this one a look.

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