This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Journey of Tala by The Snowbold on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

Peace is widespread as Korra became a great Avatar, but peace is an illusion. Republic City has taken actions that threaten and insult the sovereignty of the Fire Nation. Fear has spread around the world that war will break out again. The Earthbending Avatar Tala is nineteen years old when the story begins. She is learning Airbending from Hava Jinorra. She has been invited to meet the new Fire Nation Councilman for Republic City. Upon return, news reaches her of armies preparing for war. Choices must be made, as a man called the Black Dragon orchestrates a world war, Tala must find a way to stop the war.

This particular area of time in the Avatar-verse is relatively unexplored, so The Snowbold has an open pallet of ideas to work with. The Journey of Tala is an action-packed fanon right from the start, and the characters are all multi-dimensional. All in all, this piece is shaping up to be quite good.


Story – 9.1: An all-out war between nations that only the Avatar can stop? I’ll begin reading immediately, thank you. Seriously though, the plot is a straightforward action piece that allows the characters to carry it.

Action – 8.5: While it is action-packed, I noticed a LOT of repetition when it came down to action descriptors. I would suggest varying those more often so that it doesn’t get so…well…repetitive.

Writing – 8.4: The overall style is good, but the sentence structure at times can be very clunky. I also noticed several places where words would be left out, and it made it awkward to read.

Creativity – 9.0: Both the plot and time period are unique and mostly uncharted territory.

Believability – 8.8: Aside from a few examples of convenient or brusque conversation and interaction, the characters make the plot into something pretty great. Both elements complement each other and strengthen the story as a whole.

Character Development – 9.2: I actually like some of the expositionary style used to develop and grow characters; it lends further uniqueness to the piece.

Average Score: 8.8

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for The Snowbold: Avoid choppy sentences and triple-check your writing to ensure that you didn’t leave any words out. Other than that, keep up the good work with the characters and their personal stories. Those are what make this fanon shine.

Who should read The Journey of Tala? Anyone looking for a fresh perspective of the Avatar world with an action-packed plot should definitely give this one a go.

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