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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Journey Of Flynn by The Walking Inferno on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad. It has been over 400 years since the death of Avatar Korra and the world has been changed beyond all recognition. A Non-Bending organization called the Authorities rose shortly after her death and with their advanced technologies and mass numbers they waged war across the world. The war ended with their victory and through many generations and over three centuries they managed to remove the history of bending forever. Now, determined to keep their hold on the world they kill benders before they know of their abilities to make sure the world remains oblivious to its true past. Their campaign was successful over the years, but one escaped their grasp. His name was Flynn.

I am impressed with both the action and character interaction in this story. Unfortunately, I am also terribly confused as to certain aspects of the plot that have not, as yet, been explained in any way, and that is rather detrimental to what could be a great story.


Story – 8.0: I have always enjoyed the ‘benders on the run’ genre of fanons, and this one is quite good. What keeps it from a higher score is the setting. The Prologue begins in the Avatar Universe, but starting in Chapter 1 I found myself in…England? This inconsistency, I imagine, has an explanation, but no effort has been made as of yet to give the readers one.

Action – 9.2: The action is of a very high intensity, and it shows in the writing. Characters are constantly described in such a way that you know they are in a real fight.

Writing – 8.8: Apart from some semi-frequent clunkiness, the writing style is done quite well, especially setting description.

Creativity – 8.5: People have done the ‘benders on the run’ stories before, but this one, being set in our world (yet again as far as I can tell), has a lot of potential.

Believability – 7.0: The plot and characters are all done wonderfully, but the setting just has me stumped, honestly. Clarification within the next couple of chapters would be great.

Character Development – 9.0: The interactions between Flynn, Andra, and Jake are all amazing, quite honestly. The pacing and really everything else in regard to those three is really the bread and butter of this fanon. My only complaint is that most of the villains seem almost stereotypical.

Average Score: 8.4

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for The Walking Inferno: Please…explain the setting…at least somewhat. That was the biggest issue facing this piece, although it wouldn’t hurt to make your villains better-rounded, as well.

Who should read The Journey of Flynn? Anyone who just wants an interesting plot with well-rounded characters should definitely take a look at this one.

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