This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Chronicles of Avatar: The Freedom Fighters by Acer Indonesia on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

In 95 AG, the Hundred Year War raged on, and the Avatar was nowhere to be seen. Despite this, a little family managed to thrive peacefully without any indignation and torture. A pair of brothers, Jim and Jerry, made their way through life without the love and guidance of parents. Their father had perished in the war, and their mother had long been kidnapped by a Fire Nation soldier. Jim eventually stepped forward, gathering all of his fellow orphan children and instilling them with his strength and trust. They soon shared his ambition to end the war, without the help of the missing Avatar. And like the cycle of seasons, the cycle of the fighters began anew.

While I like the idea of a fanon revolving around the Freedom Fighters, I would suggest that Acer get a good editor. I am aware that English is not his first language, but before submitting this for any further reviews, please, ask around for an editor.


Story – 8.5: The very idea of this fanon is quite original, and I will not allow the editing mistakes to stand in the way of this score.

Action – 7.0: There is action here, but the description is so convoluted that it is difficult to make out, though I did try.

Writing – 4.0: This is the worst category, but I have already outlined the reason why. This fanon could be great if he had a proper editor.

Creativity – 9.0: The story that Acer is attempting to craft is indeed an original one; the Freedom Fighters provide plenty of fodder for such a tale.

Believability – 5.0: I didn’t find many points where I felt connected to the situation or characters, and it all felt contrived.

Character Development – 4.5: Very little actual growth occurs within the four published chapters, but there is some.

Average Score: 6.3

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Acer Indonesia: Get an editor, plain and simple. I wouldn’t recommend asking for another review until then.

Who should read The Chronicles of Avatar: The Freedom Fighters? All those looking for the origin of the Freedom Fighters should give this one a look.

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