This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Blood Bath of Fanons by Agent Slash and PreservationsWings on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

The Blood Bath of Fanons is a community-wide fanon project loosely based on the widely renowned Hunger Games series. The goal is to have 23 tributes, which consist of various characters from other fanons and are suggested by the author. And, of course in true Hunger Games style, they will be required to fight to the death.

This idea had potential, and I even have one of my characters as a tribute. The idea is that the two authors whose tributes were fighting would write the chapter, and whoever got the most votes would be the one to win the fight. An incredibly creative idea, however, it has been declared inactive and only has two chapters to its name, so this review might reflect on that fact.


Story – 6.5: The story thus far has been adequately produced, but with only two chapters, it hasn’t had any time to develop into its own potential.

Action – 3.0: I think this is the lowest score I’ve given for a single category, and that is because of one thing: TWO CHAPTERS. The only chapter that actually has any action whatsoever is the second, and that chapter only introduces the tributes and shows off some of their abilities. As of this moment, that area is sorely lacking.

Writing – 7.5: The writing in the story is relatively good, though there are a few mistakes. It can also get choppy at points, and it doesn’t really stand out.

Creativity – 9.0: There have been community-wide projects in the past, but this one, being based on the Hunger Games, is certainly one of the more creative.

Believability – 8.0: The general believability of the story is average; there are points where it seems to work and points where it felt contrived. Perhaps it could flesh out if there were more chapters, but…

Character Development – 5.0: I suppose the characters, having their own fanons, might be developed already, but they could’ve at least used something beyond cookie cutters. Add that to the fact that most of the characters were introduced in the second out of two chapters, and you have low-level characters.

Average Score: 6.5

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Slash and Wings: I know it’s inactive, and until it becomes active again and more chapters are written, I would advise that you not ask for another review. All of these scores could be improved by simply getting the authors together and actually writing.

Who should read TBBoF? Anyone who likes The Hunger Games and A:TLA might take a liking to this community project. (If it ever gets off the ground that is)

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