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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Avatar Rhythm by BlackMonkey on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

The Avatar Rhythm tells the story of a teenage boy named Shirou who is born 224 years after Avatar: The Last Airbender, when the war ends. After Shirou runs away from his saddening life of royalty in the Northern Water Tribe, everything around him starts taking some mysterious turns as he tries to find and kill the Avatar, destined on getting revenge after the last Avatar accidentally killed his grandfather in war. Corrupted and lost, he befriends the young daughter of a Fire Nation governor who has a similar goal as his, and he settles down in the Capital. Although as soon as his peaceful life begins, Shirou is thrown into conspiracies, curses, tax collectors and bands of rebels, leaving only a few wise souls left that can shape his true destiny.

To begin, TAR is one of the most creative and original pieces I have ever read, and BlackMonkey shows his skill at crafting a great story. There are, however, a few areas that could use some improvement, as I will detail later. All in all, though, Rhythm is a must-read for anyone who considers themselves an avid fanon reader; to put it bluntly, one should not overlook this fanon.


Story – 9.3: The story of TAR is, without a doubt, an incredibly original idea that has not been seen. The idea of a story’s protagonist attempting to destroy the Avatar Cycle is absolutely brilliant.

Action – 9.0: The action contained within is more than enough to sate those with a taste for it, although at times it can get overwhelming. Characters do need rest periods, after all. Overall, however, I have few complaints, as the action scenes are well written. This brings us to…

Writing – 7.0: The overall story and action sequences are great, but general writing leaves a little to be desired. Maybe it’s the way he has it formatted, but more often than not, the writing seems clunky and hard to follow. Perhaps the author could space it out into paragraph format.

Creativity – 9.5: The only things that keep this from a 10 are subtle contrivances and clichés that can be found in most stories of this genre.

Believability – 6.5: This part kind of annoyed me, honestly. I can understand Shirou’s single-minded obsession to a point, but (SPOILER ALERT!) when he finds out that his good friend, Hotaru, is the Avatar, he almost immediately tries to kill her. It’s like their entire friendship up to that point just never happened. Another glaring example would have to be the Fire Lord. Shirou tells him exactly what he plans to do to Hotaru, kill her and end the Avatar cycle, and the Fire Lord, a supposedly wise individual, basically says “Good luck with that” and sends him on his way. Shirou threatens to kill the Avatar, the bringer of balance, and the Fire Lord just shrugs it off…okay, then.

Character Development – 7.5: Shirou’s singular focus is a good attribute, and BlackMonkey writes it into him well, but that, in the end, mostly stagnates his character growth. Shinji and Hotaru both see their own growth and trials, but even that comes sporadically.

Average Score: 8.1

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for BlackMonkey: The story itself is great, but the writing and formatting could use some cleaning up. As for the believability aspect, that can be remedied with some good, honest, character growth moments. If you just focus on those two things, than The Avatar Rhythm can become one of the best fanons on the wiki.

Who should read TAR? Anyone looking for a story that focuses on a different time period and an incredibly original story should definitely read BlackMonkey’s piece, no exceptions.

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