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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Suki's Story by Agent Slash on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

It has been two years since The Rise of Jun ended. Due to missing her home on Kyoshi Island, Suki has decided to temporarily leave Team Avatar and visit her home. However, a new threat rises: An evil man named Tai Kun and his army of Earthbenders, as well as his group known as the “Zhiming Assassins,” threatens to dominate the Earth Kingdom and soon, the world. Unfortunately, Tai Kun's quest also threatens Kyoshi Island. It is up to Suki and her new friends to stop this new evil and go on an epic journey without her friends in Team Avatar.

I must say, Agent Slash has definitely improved. Suki’s Story is a vastly different work from The Adventures of Team Avatar, and Slash has obviously improved as a writer. The focus on a singular character from the series is often left behind in favor of the entire team, but a story about Suki has very rarely, if ever, been explored.


Story – 8.7: The idea of Suki’s Story is executed well, and Slash has left us with an interesting tale.

Action – 8.4: The action in Suki’s Story permeates every chapter, and it is very well described. I especially enjoy reading his descriptions of Waterbending, which I think captures the feel of that bending style nicely.

Writing – 8.8: Slash’s writing has greatly improved, but I did notice a few portions where the phrasing was off.

Creativity – 9.3: I have never read a story revolving around Suki, so that is definitely a plus. However, many elements are also cliché, and Slash would be wise to avoid those in future chapters.

Believability – 7.7: Clichés were quite common, specifically in dialogue, and I felt that the main villain was introduced far too early.

Character Development – 8.2: The characters, most of which are of Slash’s own design, have developed as can be expected in five chapters, and I think he could form them into something great by the end if he works at it.

Average Score: 8.5

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Agent Slash: Let me begin by saying your writing has improved immensely, and I am impressed. If you cut out the cliché elements and develop your characters more, Suki’s Story will become even greater.

Who should read Suki’s Story? Anyone who’s a fan of the Kyoshi Warrior and of a good story should give this one a go.

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