This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Princess Yue's Second Chance by Iluvcinderella on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

The Hundred Year War had ended, and peace had come to the world once more. Yue believed that Tui, the Moon Spirit, no longer needs her bond. Her attempts and trials to gain return to the Earth succeed as the spirits granted her the opportunity to return to Earth. Yet, Team Avatar didn't recognize the former Tribal Princess, and the Moon Spirit believed that her return to the Earth could usher in a new war. Will Sokka recognize her? Will the brave warrior find his true love? Will Yue find a way to return to the Spirit World, or will the world find itself at war again?

Okay, so Princess Yue’s Second Chance is a fanon piece that is part of a growing fanon universe. It has Spirit World shenanigans, emotion, and a whole lot of shipping. However, there were a few problems that I feel the need to address here, lest they occur in later projects.


Story – 7.5: This story is certainly different from the multitude of after-the-war fanons that are on this wiki. Unfortunately, the execution of several other elements makes this one hard to appreciate in full. More on that later.

Action – 3.0: What little action there is as of Chapter 13 is not described well. The reader is simply told what happens as opposed to how, which constitutes the beauty of an action scene.

Writing – 5.0: The writing was a real stumbling block to enjoying the story, honestly. Verb tenses would switch mid-sentence, and sometimes word choice just didn’t seem to fit. Overall, this area could definitely use some serious work. I would suggest finding a good editor.

Creativity – 7.0: The story idea is very creative, but most of the plot elements that drive it are not. Character interactions and events are stale and, quite frankly, executed rather lifelessly.

Believability – 8.0: Surprisingly, most of the story was pretty believable, but several of the characters, particularly Suki and Aang seem a little out of character.

Character Development – 4.0: This category was what I had the most trouble with. Characters really didn’t change over the course of thirteen published chapters, and the reader only gets a broken cookie-cutter version of these characters, as it is.

Average Score/Final Verdict – 5.8: This story has potential, but the distracting writing issues and lackluster characters make it difficult to get into the story. If Iluvcinderella is going to create a whole universe around these stories and characters, she should definitely endeavor to make these fanons into something good. Like I said earlier, get an editor if you can, as well as look over your own work to find mistakes.

Who should read Princess Yue’s Second Chance? Anyone who wants a fanon featuring Yue should give this one a look.

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