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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Pema in Republic City by AvatarMonarchist on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

Pema lives on Air Temple Island in Republic City with her husband Tenzin, son of Avatar Aang and their children Jinora, Ikki and Meelo. Pema is currently pregnant with the couple's fourth child and she desperately hopes that this time it will be a non-bender, like her because everyone else in her family are Airbenders. Pema has a hard time defining herself and standing while surrounded by benders in a world that revolves around bending. Her life takes a new turn when the current Avatar, Korra, comes to live with them and train in Airbending.

Had I not read the comments, I would’ve assumed this to be a comedy. However, according to AvatarMonarchist, it is a serious fanon, so I will review it as such. Pema in Republic City is an alternate telling of the LoK story as seen through, well, Pema’s eyes, and it is quite imaginative. That being said, I feel that it doesn’t quite do justice to the story from which it takes its inspiration.


Story – 4.0: While it is entertaining at times, PiRC seems like nothing more than an odd rehash of LoK episodes.

Action – 3.0: What little action there is isn’t very well described, possibly due (at least in part) to the fact that much of it is taken directly from LoK.

Writing – 8.5: The actual writing—grammar, spelling, etc.—is not bad at all. Apart from a few issues with clunky sentence structure and non-conversational fragments, the overall writing was quite good.

Creativity – 7.5: The idea is very creative, except for the fact that it springboards entirely off of LoK.

Believability – 1.0: I do feel bad about giving this low of a score here, but the idea that the pregnant Pema could be Amon is not at all believable (even without his identity being already revealed). She is pregnant, something that Amon obviously was not. Apart from that, their voices were so radically different; not to mention that Amon was so obviously male.

Character Development – 5.0: Monarchist managed to keep most of the characters true to their personalities in the show, but he did nothing to grow them beyond it.

Average Score: 4.8

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for AvatarMonarchist: If you want this score to improve, I’d suggest inventing more of the story elements yourself as opposed to taking everything from LoK. Another very important tip: if you want people to recognize your fanon as a serious piece, Pema cannot logically be Amon. That idea, I’m sorry to say, belongs solely in a comedy fanon.

Who should read Pema in Republic City? Anyone looking for an interesting take on the LoK story should give this one a look.

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