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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Jump by Azulazulazula on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

Toph Bei Fong, esteemed Chief of Police, has been framed for murder, but the true murderer framed her well, even getting her arrested. Only one problem: the Metalbending Police Chief can and has escaped any trap, but in this case, she had to kill six people to do it, and another seven just to see her best friend Sokka. Now, the prosecution has her charged with fourteen counts of first degree murder, and if anybody catches her, she'll be hanged for sure. She won't let that happen. She has to run, but first, she has to find and talk to her best friend first. And along the way, she'll make some decisions, some crucial decisions. And maybe, just maybe, she can drag her best friend along with her...

This fanon is so…haunting. That is the only proper word to describe it. Azulazulazula has crafted a beautifully haunting fanon piece, although the same aspects that make it so, in my opinion, are the same ones that take away the characters we know and love and replace them with something else.


Story – 9.0: The plot of this fanon is very interesting, putting Toph in the position of a criminal. However, it doesn’t focus on that so much as it does character interaction, which makes it very refreshing.

Action – 9.2: The action in this story is more felt than seen, and its impact is more important than the blows themselves.

Writing – 9.6: Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Creativity – 8.9: Yet another fanon focused on the era between A:TLA and LoK, but this one stands out quite well.

Believability – 7.8: The plot is very believable, but where I feel that this falls flat is in the characters that drive the plot. I’ll explain in the final category.

Character Development – 7.5: The characters in this story all seem to drag toward an ultimately depressing state. Gone are the light-hearted characters brought on by the show we all know and love, replaced by brooding, angst-ridden, and (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) suicidal strangers. Even Sokka has lost all of his awkward charm. That being said, they are incredibly well-devised characters, even if they are not the ones we were expecting.

Average Score: 8.6

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Azulazulazula: I suppose most of my complaints stem from the parts of this fanon that make it what it is, which is a shame. My only advice is this: try to inject some of the original characters back into this story.

Who should read Jump? Anyone looking for a beautifully tragic piece should definitely read this.

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