This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Child of the War by Annawantimes on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

The series describes the life of a boy named Jenju, whose life has been severely uprooted by the war of Avatar Aang's epoch. One day, his entire life is burned to the ground. He is unsure whether or not his parents survived the attacked, and he must go after the group of enemies. What dangers will he face along the way, and will devastation await him when he catches them?

I have really enjoyed Annawantimes’ fanon thus far. It incorporates a new character alongside the Gaang’s adventures, and he does it well. Jenju’s story is more of a refugee story than a hero’s tale, but it is still quite the read.


Story – 8.8: The story of a refugee is one not often explored in fanon, not to the extent that it is here. Jenju’s search for his father makes it relatable, as well.

Action – 8.5: There is quite a bit of action, and much of it is well-described. However, there were a few instances where the description was a little lax.

Writing – 9.4: Annawantimes is an excellent writer, and it shows. His descriptions of setting, emotion, and the overall characterization are all very well written.

Creativity – 9.2: No one, that I have seen, has gotten into the mind of a refugee like Annawantimes. Child of the War is a truly novel story.

Believability – 9.0: Most of the time, the characters and plot devices that Annawantimes has set up feel realistic, only a few contrivances lowered this score.

Character Development – 8.5: There was less of this than I would’ve thought, but the characters are solid. I would’ve liked to maybe see a little more a Jenju’s past or a period of personal growth.

Average Score: 8.9

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Annawantimes: There’s not much, just ensure that the description within action sequences doesn’t get stale and maybe encourage character growth.

Who should read Child of the War? Anyone who wants to read about those that were directly affected by the War should take a look at this one.

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