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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Avatar Adventures by Midori122407 on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

Earth, fire, air, water!! As long as time itself, the Avatar has had friends he or she could count on. These friendships can even transcend lifetimes. It is with these friends that the Avatar sets forth "Team Avatar." Seventeen years after Avatar Aang's death, the Water Avatar is discovered: Korra of the Southern Water Tribe. Korra has just defeated Amon and has become a fully-realized Avatar with her bending abilities back. She now focuses her attention on continuing her Airbending training at Air Temple Island with her childhood friend June, but she soon realizes that Mako is missing. With June by her side she sets out to find her true love with her Airbender friend.

This fanon is a sort of Season 2 to LoK; unfortunately, the grammar and tenses often get in the way of enjoying this story. I hate to say it, but this story could really use a good editor.


Story – 6.0: The idea of Mako being kidnapped and Korra going to rescue him with her allies is certainly interesting, but everything that is wrong with this story takes away from it.

Action – 3.5: The action is barely described at all with the current format, and what is there is pretty bad.

Writing – 3.5: Honestly…the writing style, grammar, and spelling are all terrible. They make it impossible to enjoy the story.

Creativity – 7.0: LoK Season 2 fanons are becoming more and more prevalent, but the concept is still original.

Believability – 2.0: This is one of the lowest scores I have ever given. Bear with me; I’ll explain why. It’s lower than the Writing category because characters and elements are introduced without proper explanation as to whom they are, and inconsistencies and convenience abound.

Character Development – 4.0: With the writing issues, it’s kind of difficult to get a proper feel for the characters; they all sort of sound the same. Very little actual growth or change occurs either.

Average Score: 4.3

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Midori: Get. An. Editor. Work extensively, and, seriously, rework all the previous chapters as well, until then, I can’t honestly and in good conscience recommend this.

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