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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Avatar: The Legend of Mel by MateyY on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

After Avatar Korra saved Republic City from the vicious Equalists, she retired and had a nice happy life. But, unfortunately, her time in this world was ended. All of the new cycle was started. The new Avatar was born, Avatar Mel. But with his birth, a new threat arose. The new Fire Lord was not like the last two Fire Lords, but had the dream that once her great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather and great-great-great-grandfather. And so she started a new, much more vicious war.

First off, allow me to apologize for the incredible lateness of this review; I’ve been swamped lately. Now, however, I can finally begin to catch up. The Legend of Mel is a story begun in medias res and told in first person, an element few fanons have. Matey writes well and, with the exception of a few grammatical and spelling errors, has crafted a fairly engrossing story. The aforementioned perspective allows for a closer look into the minds of his characters, a privilege that is somewhat less so in other perspectives.


Story – 9.2: The idea of an Avatar (SPOILER!) without access to the Avatar State is an original one indeed. That being said, I think another war with the Fire Nation is overdoing it a bit.

Action – 8.5: Well described, but at times the bending could use a little more diverse description.

Writing – 9.0: Matey is an excellent writer, and that fact is made clear by the use of first person narrative, a feat that is difficult to achieve.

Creativity – 9.1: The story of the Earthbending Avatar after Korra has not been often explored. ‘Nuff said.

Believability – 8.2: The story is filled with believable characters and events, but there were certain parts that felt forced or rushed. Two examples would be Yangchen, whose character I felt didn’t quite match up with established canon, and the Mel/Hope dichotomy. I’m not a big fan of “love at first sight” kinda deals.

Character Development – 8.3: The characters in The Legend of Mel are set apart; they have their own distinct personalities. However, I feel like there is little growth. If Matey can build them into something greater, than this fanon in turn will become greater.

Average Score: 8.7

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Matey: This fanon is great, but if he improves on two issues, it can rise even higher. Growth of the main characters is of the utmost importance for a story to grow; they are essential. The other issue, a smaller one, is the issue of the description of bending, which can get a little repetitive at times. Try and be a tad more creative with your descriptions in that regard.

Who should read Avatar: The Legend of Mel? Anyone who wants an original fanon piece with new characters and reopened wounds should give this one a go.

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