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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow  by Agent Slash on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

It's been eleven months since Hong Wu and Ming defeated General Reiko and the two decided to turn a new leaf. Now they work for the despicable Jun, a madman bent on finding and killing Avatar Aang. In order for the couple to continue working for Jun, they must pass three tests to prove they are worthy. Both Hong Wu and Ming find themselves plunged into deep sorrow as their destinies unfold and their lives are changed forever.

The Assassin’s Sorrow continues where The Assassin’s Legend left off, so the characters of Ming and Hong Wu are already established. And Jun is also well-known to readers of the Slash Trilogy. Needless to say, this piece has a lot of history behind it, and that is both a help and a hurt to it.


Story – 7.5: The story revolves around Ming and Hong Wu’s attempt to earn Jun’s favor via three trials. This makes for a short fare, two chapters in total. Unfortunately, the length, or lack thereof, takes away from the story’s impact, as events and character development are incredibly condensed.

Action – 7.0: The action is basic in that no time is really taken to describe what is occurring beyond a few cursory examples. In a fanon revolving around an assassin, the action should be adequately described in order to get an idea of its impact.

Writing – 8.5: The grammar and structure in this piece are both done well, but there are a few instances of choppy sentence structure. Additionally, it lacks a truly unique touch that would allow it to stand out from other writings.

Creativity – 8.5: The idea is creative enough on its own. The problem comes in that it relies entirely on previous material and previously built-up interest.

Believability – 9.0: Based on what I know of the characters and story of Slash’s previous works, I can safely say that most everything is done in a believable way within the universe he has created. That said, I do think events move a tad too quickly, probably due to the fact that the fanon is only comprised of two chapters.

Character Development – 8.0: The character development and growth in this piece left me scratching my head at times, but they stayed mostly consistent. The biggest issue was once again the condensed nature of the fanon, as that caused the growth of Ming and Hong Wu to be condensed as well.

Average Score/Final Verdict – 8.1: This fanon is definitely entertaining, but I have two suggestions to further make it into a worthy addition to the Slashverse. First, your action scenes should help the reader to truly feel the impact of what is taking place. To get an idea of what I’m saying, I’d recommend taking a look at Minnichi’s Silent Hero in Emerald. Secondly—and perhaps the most important—is dealing with this whole two chapter thing. I don’t know how you feel about going back and doing overhauls, but this piece would definitely benefit on some expansion. Even the expansion of one or two more chapters would help with the story and character development immensely.

Who should read Avatar: The Assassin’s Sorrow? Anyone who’s a fan of any of Agent Slash’s previous material will not be disappointed with this addition.

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