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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Avatar: The Assassin's Legend by Agent Slash on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

The year is 84, AG. The Hundred Year War is still raging. The Fire Nation is closer to victory in the war than the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes. In the midst of the chaos, a small unit of Earth Kingdom soldiers is deployed into the Fire Nation to take out one of their most dangerous military officials: General Reiko, who has a plan to cut through to the heart of the Earth Kingdom, and bring down its walls for good. Among these soldiers is the mercenary known as Hong Wu. Hong Wu and his friends must do what it takes to stop Reiko and save the Earth Kingdom from destruction.

The prequel to the Slash Trilogy, Avatar: The Assassin’s Legend features recurring villain Hong Wu as the protagonist. The writing and story are both quite good, but the characters fall a bit flat in the end. Still, if you are a fan of his trilogy, I’d recommend this one.


Story – 8.8: The plot is well-designed, but the pacing is what keeps this aspect from a higher score. I know it was a shorter work, but I felt like important events, especially in the beginning, were sped through.

Action – 9.0: Action is kinda central in this shortened piece, and it is mostly well-written. However, it does fall short when it comes to varying the descriptive words used in a fight scene.

Writing – 8.6: I noticed quite a bit of name repetition when reading, and much of the narrative was choppy. On a positive note, there were very few actual errors, just areas that could improve.

Creativity – 7.9: I feel like I can’t give this an excellent score, despite the fact that it is relatively original when compared to other fanons, because it is done using a lot of events and characters that we have seen before. I suppose that comes with the territory of prequels, though.

Believability – 7.5: I routinely give lower scores in this category, and I will explain how and why. Even though fanons often have unbelievable elements to them, I don’t take off for those most of the time. However, when I see plot elements that come out of the blue, or, more to the point, characters who make sudden, inexplicable shifts in personality, it does tend to ruin the immersion.

Character Development – 7.0: I was rather disappointed by the lack of growth or change experienced by the supporting characters, and Hong Wu and Ming, in my opinion, shifted too quickly. A perfect example could be made of Hong Wu specifically. The protagonist goes from “mercenary-minded assassin” to “stereotypical hero” rather quickly, but that could simply be the nature of who he is. Where I really took issue is the end, when he—and may I remind you that he was a real hero during the four previous chapters—just suddenly turns his back on the world with little build-up and becomes a cackling villain, which we will see aplenty later in the Slash Trilogy. I would advise that, in the future, Slash should build up to that sort of a thing throughout the entire story.

Average Score: 8.1

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Agent Slash: Though this fanon is completed, try and apply my advice about believability and character development into account, that way your next project can be even better.

Who should read Avatar: The Assassin’s Legend? Any fan of the Slash Trilogy would be remiss to ignore this one.

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