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Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Avatar - Book 4: Light by AvengeBender007 on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

It’s been 5 long years since the terrible Hundred-Year War ended, and it seems, that at last peace has come to Team Avatar. Aang and Katara have kept a steady relationship and have traveled around the world solving any problems that come up. Toph opened up an academy and trains determined Earthbenders in the glorious art of Metalbending. Sokka became Chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe, but still has time for a relationship with Suki who resumed her duties on Kyoshi Island. It seems however, Fire Lord Zuko hasn’t achieved peace. True, he and Mai are having a wedding, but he has spent his time scouring the world for his mother, but has been unsuccessful. However, when Aang is visited by Roku with warnings about an upcoming war that is tied in with Zuko, Team Avatar is thrown back together. Now, they’re in search of a land that lies at world’s end, a place called Masyaf. This is no ordinary land however. At this place lies a new art of bending that the world was thought lost forever. Here lays a darkness striving to find revenge. At this place, secrets will be unraveled that will bring Team Avatar ever closer to the Spirit World and will plunge the world back into civil war.

I must say, for an ‘after-the-war’ fanon, the idea and backstory that we have already received for Lightbending has me intrigued, though the sentence structure and composition could use a little work. AvengeBender has built a creative story here, and I hope to see more of it.


Story – 8.7: Book 4: Light brings into the Avatar world a story revolving around the Spirit World, something we rarely encounter.

Action – 8.2: The action is well-placed, but its description is a little lax. I would suggest that AvengeBender try to vary his action descriptors.

Writing – 6.9: Truth be told, the writing in general is rather choppy, with very little exposition or flow.

Creativity – 7.5: The spirits and Lightbending elements save this from being just another ‘after-the-war’ piece.

Believability – 5.0: I had trouble with all the coincidental happenings and the convenient conversation. The author would do well to work on the realism.

Character Development – 6.5: I think AvengeBender has a decent grasp of the existing characters, but I would suggest that they be fleshed out, and that the OCs grow as well.

Average Score: 7.1

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for AvengeBender007: You have a good idea; now take it and fashion your writing. Make it believable and grow your characters naturally.

Who should read Avatar- Book 4: Light? Anyone looking to read a continuation of the Gaang’s story, as well as some Spirit World action, should give this one a shot.

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