Hey, everyone! I'll be starting my next fanon project soon: Sons and Daughters. I have the basic concept, the children of Team Avatar and their journey in United Republic, but names elude me. Here are what I have so far:

Aang and Katara (3 children):

- Tenzin

- Sora

- Zheng

Zuko and Mai (2 children):

- Lu Ten

- Fiora

Sokka and Suki

- Kyani

Yun Zhen and Ty Lee

- Sanaki (San for short)

Toph and ---- (I'm not sure who this'll be yet)

- Bei Fong

(*) = subject to change

If you have any ideas or thoughts as to what their names should be, feel free to leave comments in the appropriately named 'Comments' section.

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