Well, I just posted the 18th chapter of my fanon, Avatar: Aftermath and Burning Earth, and I think it's going well. I feel the plot elements coming together. I honestly have no idea how long this piece will end up, though. I think I'll just write until I can create a reasonable path to the end; that might take a while. For those of you reading, I hope you like it, because you may very well be reading for a while. Anyway, with this piece I have been researching for quite some time. Let's put it this way, I was a nony when I had this idea, and I did loads of reading (most of it on this wiki) and rewatched the entire series. I have mentioned before how I am a big fan of all things canon, so I took elements that were vaguely mentioned or not at all to create and mold my story and characters with the existing timeline, I apologize if I'm rambling. The main reason I wrote this is so that I could thank those that have been reading, critiquing, and advising since I started this project, and I hope you all will help me see it through. Thanks!

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