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  • Mageddon725

    Well, this is it. This is the season that nearly killed The Legend of Korra for me. Nearly. If it weren’t for Book 3, I would’ve just written the whole thing off. It may not have been the right decision, but nearly everything about Book 4 pisses me off, and I have to get it off of my chest. However, I will start with what worked, because it did have moments of awesomeness.

    Korra Alone and Toph:

    This story arc for Korra was phenomenal. Starting off at the end of Book 3, we get a real look into depression through the eyes of our titular character, and it is an excellently written journey. It was the highlight of Book 4, no contest.

    Seeing the Blind Bandit return for some Avatar training was epic, and her denouncement of Kuvira was equally impre…

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  • Mageddon725

    Hey there, here, reviewing by on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

    What a Tart! is another one-shot by one of the wiki’s resident Toph-lovers, Fruipit. This time, she gives us a Taang fic through the eyes of…a fruit tart? Okay, I can dig it. Once again, I review one-shots a tad differently than regular fanons, simply because several of my categories need multiple chapters to truly form.

    The Good: Fruipit’s writing ability is nothing to sneeze at; she’s very good at writing prose and poetry, something that can be hard to do. That ability shines in the description of the titular tart, of all things. Fruipit uses imagery of all kinds to paint a picture of the POV character. It is also a credit that this one-shot made me laugh; it was full of…

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  • Mageddon725

    Hey there, here, reviewing Avatar: Cosmic Energy by on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad. This is the beginning of my final review run for the FRS. It's been fun, but I can no longer handle the scheduling.

    Two years have passed since the return of Sozin's Comet, the fall of Ozai and the Avatar and the new Fire Lord began restoring balance. But while peace may be restored, a dark evil lurks in the mist, people who want to end this era of peace and wreak havoc on the world. The people who believe the Avatar didn't deserve to be the hero, as he abandoned them 100 years ago, an act which resulted in the genocide of the Air Nomads. They feel a mongrel coward like him does not deserve such praise and plan to end him permanently. They are.....the…

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  • Mageddon725

    Hey there, here, reviewing Sunset in the Mind's Eye  by on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

    Sunset in the Mind’s Eye is a one-shot that revolves around Jet and his unrequited love for Katara. It is a poetic piece that has a lot going for it, but a few problems did arise as I read, as well.

    The Good: The poetic nature of this one-shot showcases Specialk’s writing ability very well. His description of both feelings and the world in which Jet finds himself are, in both cases, incredible. I found no flaw in either spelling or grammar. In terms of writing quality alone, this piece shines brightly.

    The Bad: Unfortunately, the poetic nature of this piece also takes away from it. Being that it’s supposed to be Jet’s perspective, I felt like the st…

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  • Mageddon725

    Hey there, here, reviewing by on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

    Femme mystérieuse is yet another one-shot written by our prolific Toph-lover, Fruipit. It bears her signature style (which I am now well acquainted with), and it is certainly an interesting take on her favorite character. It is her first attempt at a femslash fanon, and the pairing in question is Azuloph, a definite departure from the usual. With that exposition out of the way, let's get to the review.

    The Good: Once again, I must say how impressive Fruipit’s writing abilities are. Seriously, I can’t find any errors in grammar or spelling, and her style is consistently awesome.

    The Bad: One thing that surprised me jumping into this one-shot was the pairing. Azuloph? I was sk…

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