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    So I’ve totally over-reached myself on this one. That’s what you get for being a smarta*%e Madam... So all that goes below is based on a limited and biased understanding of the subject matter. Make of it what you will and if you are a Derrida scholar, please kick me into touch.

    So Jacques Derrida is generally regarded as either one of the most important post-modernists ever to live, or one of the most obscure and ornery writers in the history of the world, depending on your perspective. As an area of study, he and his works are up there with Proust as being Quite Hard. Sort of the literary equivalent of Brain Surgery or Rocket Science . But without the ability to save lives or propel us to other worlds. Yeah, that’s right. Science man.

    As re…

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    Yeah. I fell into that trap too. I’ve spent aimless hours on Google Translate , convincing myself that the Fire Nation was Japanese, only to discover that it totally wasn’t. It even says so in the Fire Nation article. It’s Han Chinese, with some Qin thrown in. Can’t really get much more Chinese than that.

    The thing that brought it home for me, bizarrely was beds. Yup. Beds.

    As in, they have them, in the Fire Nation. Clearly, from the segments post Zuko’s return to the Fire Nation, where he is querying Azula as to her motivation in giving him Avatar-kill credit, that is a bed. A great, hefty, hardwood bed. Not a futon in sight.

    Trivial, you might say. But you start mentally furnishing a Fire Nation house, and it occurs to you, there really oug…

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    If any admin ever gets round to reading this: This is long, heavy and gets round to making Avatar:TLA points... eventually. It alludes to PG rated topics dealt with in my fanfic, which are of real life historical interest and relate to Avatar. I understand where potential issues may lie. If there is an issue, we can talk about it.

    "So, Zhao, eh?" I hear you say. "Seriously, why bother? He’s a total d*&^e who completely deserved to die. And also it’s been done before, and rily, rily well at that [2]. And also he’s old. Ew.."

    Well, dear reader, if you are feeling robust, and have fastened your safety-belts, let me explain. The short, trite version goes a little something like this. I was left with a niggling feeling that death was actually too…

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