SO azula.... is she good or bad?

i havent quite made up my mind about what i think of azula. so i decided to create a list of reasons why she's good or why she's bad. feel free to comment, tell me which one you think azula is : )

azulas good side?
Azula reminisces

"MY own mother thought i was a monster... she was right of course but it still hurt"

1. at the party on ember island azula apolagized for being rude to ty lee, and

took ty lee's advice...

2. azula found zuko when he was at the house of memories on ember island and asked him to join them by the beach.....

3. tried to flirt with chan and didn't threaten him :)

azulas scary side?!!!!

Azula on warpath

i'm about to celebrate becomeing an only child!

1. only sombody like azula would want to kill their own brother..

2. azula almost killed iroh

3. she was the firelords favorite, therefore she's automatikly scary

so sure, azula is really scary. but she has a heart, i could name a lot of reasons why azula turned out the way she did. i don't blame her wanting to destroy zuko. i know iknow, your probably thinking- what are you talking about?! don't get me wrong i'm not saying that i don't like zuko, infact he's one of my favorite characters. but think about it, how would you feel if your own mother thought that you were a monster? in azula's mind it was probably zuko's fault. so she wanted him gone.

i'm not saying that azula's good but she's not all bad if i had to choose if azula was good or bad... i would say that she was both in a way, she was a little good but almost always evil....

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