so i think that a blog post is supposed to be about something related to the movie/ show... my blog post is going to be about the sun warriors. because i think that people should know more about them.

THE SUN WARRIORS: the sun warriors were the very first civilization that first learned fire bending from the masters (dragons). the sun warriors protected the fire bending masters, Ran and Shaw. the masters were blue and red. (both different colors) i tend to think of zuko being the red dragon and azula being the blue one. ( because azula always uses blue lightning and zuko always uses more or less red fire). the sun warriors created all of the origanl fire bending forms. one of the many forms is the "danceing dragon".

while almost everone thought of fire bending as destruction, the sun warriors thought of it as life as well as desturuction. in order for the sun warriors to keep the masters safe, the sun warriors let the world belive that their civilization was wiped out centries ago. they have lived a life of peace and secracy for a very long time.

Ran and Shaw

ran and shaw examining Aang and zuko

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