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    azula... good or bad ?

    September 18, 2012 by Luvavatar9

    SO azula.... is she good or bad?

    i havent quite made up my mind about what i think of azula. so i decided to create a list of reasons why she's good or why she's bad. feel free to comment, tell me which one you think azula is : )

    azulas good side?

    1. at the party on ember island azula apolagized for being rude to ty lee, and

    took ty lee's advice...

    2. azula found zuko when he was at the house of memories on ember island and asked him to join them by the beach.....

    3. tried to flirt with chan and didn't threaten him :)

    azulas scary side?!!!!

    1. only sombody like azula would want to kill their own brother..

    2. azula almost killed iroh

    3. she was the firelords favorite, therefore she's automatikly scary

    so sure, azula is really scary. but she has a hear…

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    about the sun warriors

    August 25, 2012 by Luvavatar9

    so i think that a blog post is supposed to be about something related to the movie/ show... my blog post is going to be about the sun warriors. because i think that people should know more about them.

    THE SUN WARRIORS: the sun warriors were the very first civilization that first learned fire bending from the masters (dragons). the sun warriors protected the fire bending masters, Ran and Shaw. the masters were blue and red. (both different colors) i tend to think of zuko being the red dragon and azula being the blue one. ( because azula always uses blue lightning and zuko always uses more or less red fire). the sun warriors created all of the origanl fire bending forms. one of the many forms is the "danceing dragon".

    while almost everone thought …

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