The Avatar Demotivator and Lovelyb0nes of the republic of Boneshire would like to bring you this message. The Clash of Worlds comedy trilogy was amazing, but sadly, their dreams of the fourth clash cannot be realized as too few of the CoW veterans are active these days. The remaining active former CoW writers are Waterkai and Mightybrit, both of which will soon be contacted with this proposal. My and TAD's proposal is this: a reboot of the Clash of Worlds series, featuring the new generation of popular fanon, as well as the return of original series like Guardian and CoD and classic characters such as Nero and Lee Koisho. So, these are some ground guidelines for how this would work:

  • Eight series will participate in the Clash
  • A series does not need a certain number of chapters, but high quality is a requirement.
  • These are the series that will participate in CoW 4, in the order that'll be used for our chapters:
  • The chapters are working titles, presently.

Chapter One: Zhian is Winning

Avatar:Guardian by The Bos [Confirmed (The Bos also intends to include characters from his new series, Mysteries of My Past)]

Chapter Two: Lights! Cameras! Action Sequences!

Child of Destiny

Chapter Three: The Three Aangs

Crossroads of of the Spirit, along with DAA and Avatar Future by TAD

Chapter Four: Punch a Fish

A:TLAR by Lovelyb0nes

Chapter Five: The Editing Process

Energy Saga by Avatar Roku's Ghost

Chapter Six: Back to the Canon

Eyes of Katara by Vulmen

Chapter Seven: Fear and Loathing in Manhattan

Alone by Millennia2

Chapter Eight: Everything Goes To Hell

Wanted by Twilitlink

All the writers of the series above will be contacted on this project, to see if they'd be willing to do this. The active CoW veterans (The Bos, Mightybrit, and Waterkai) were asked to give this series a blessing and official recognizance of CoW 4 as part of the series. The Bos, Twilitlink and Mightybrit have already given this. TAD, LB, Millennia2, Mightybrit, Vulmen, Twilitlink, AvatarRoku'sGhost and the Bos have all signed onboard. Numerous users are hastily anticipating this project. Unfortunately, Mightbrit will no longer be involved in the writing of the project, due to his condition.

Confirmed Title: Clash of Worlds: The 4inal Chapter

and Tagline: The fourth entry in the increasingly inaccurately named Clash of Worlds trilogy


Guardian: Zhian, Villains- Ozai, Mitros, Jiang-Rha,

Child of Destiny: Protagonists-Liang, Diyi, Wuoyan, Villains- Shaosang

Other: Villains-Lee Koisho of Better World, Koh, Protagonists- Avatar Aang aged 24, Tenzin,

CoTS: Villains - Zira, Protag. - Tirril

A:TLAR: Protagonists- Kyasin, Ain, Sakodi, Sai, Villains- Azul, Jiao, Warden Liruk, Hook,

EoK: Protagonists: Aang, Katara,

Alone: Protagonists: Leah Sanchez, Keith, Sierra, Villains- the Leader, the Mistress,

Energy Saga: Migo, Nola, Vameira, Kaddo,

Wanted: Tengu, Kaine Villains- Lu Ming, Nero, Des, Lian, Gao

There were biweekly discussions based around discussing humor, characters, and storyline between everyone who has signed up for the Clash. These discussions were held every Wednesday and Friday evening in the summer of 2011, and may resume in the Spring of 2012.


There's an upcoming meeting for the Clash writers team, at 7:30 PM Central, 8:30 PM Eastern, on Friday, March 2nd.

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