Fans of my Avatar:The Last Airbender Revised:

I. .have a question. What are your thoughts on Katara Jai, the most controversial character (quite possibly the most controversial element in general) of the series? Why do you guys not complain about her like so many people do? Do you like her as a character and, if so, why?

Personally, she's the character that I enjoy writing more than any of the others. . Hers is the story that I most want to tell, but for the record, I care about all of the stories within A:TLAR. Why is she inherently unlikable to so many people, yet Millennia2 says, "Characters are easy to bond and connect with?" I'm not questioning the validity of anyone's opinion, I am honestly curious about what gaps there are between fans' opinions of her and the opinion of those like PSUAvatar14. (I always appreciate what you and others say about my writing, PSU, I'm just using you as an example. .)

So, to those that can spare the time, whether they're vigorous readers such as Millennia and Trill or moderate readers such as the Bos, I ask for honest opinions on Katlara.

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