(Original credit goes to Kaizuh and Ginga)

Shh...I won't tell anybody if you won't....

If you could form a relationship with any one of the characters in the Avatar universe, who would it be? Would it be a platonic/friendly relationship or romantic? Would you be able to maintain the relationship? Why would you choose so and so? There will be no judgment against people for who they choose and what relationship. Think of this as a friendly discussion. I don't want anyone to feel awkward :)

Rules: Limited profanity

Appropriate statement regarding intimacy and sexuality (this is a kid-open site, after all)

No discrimination toward others for their sexuality or friendship choices.

I won't divide this into character categories. I'll leave who is mentioned up to the readers. Happy AVAlenTAR's Day!

For the record, you shouldn't be siting the fact that they're animated characters as a reason for not...well, you know. I just want you guys to think of them as fictional characters but still normal people, which is slightly know what, never mind...

I was hoping that this would get more attention, even if it is just a little distraction post..oh well. Thanks to everyone who's commented so far....

Well this didn't go over like I'd hoped...oh well.

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