Ginga, Courage, Eva and I recently started organizing a council for assigning avatar characters to users based on personality. The rules are as follows: 1. No user can be an avatar. 2. Users cannot vote for when their character is being chosen. 3. Users do not choose their characters. 4. A majority consensus is needed for a vote.

The present members of the Council are: Loveyb0nes, Evatar114, FrenchFroglegs, and TAD.

There are rumblings of these being used for a site-wide fanon about a search for Aang, with each user writing as their ID.

These are the presently chosen Id's:

Dragon of The West:Iroh

Moon Beam: Toph

Olorin the White: Sokka

Evatar: Mai

Ginga1234: Katara

Ianbernard: Chong

Anr: Star

Lovelyb0nes: Piandao

Vulmen: Pakku

Water Spout: Longshot

1stavatar: Shoji

The 888th Avatar: Jeong Jeong

Dcasawang1: Arnook

Kaizuh: Zhao

Bassmasta: Zuko

Renatabls: June


Skybender: Suki

Ultimate Waterbender: Song


FrenchFroglegs: Badger Frog

AvatarRoku'sGhost: Lion Turtle

Grandadmiral: Lee

TAD: Bumi

Thailog: Ozai

Carloso: Sud

Spo55: The Duke



Tara: Ty Lee

PSU: Oyaji

H Man:


Monster Rancher:

Nathan Miranda:


These may change over time. No one gets to complain.

It seems like we all forgot about this, but I was enjoying it. If anyone is interested in starting this up again with me (LB), message me.

Well, it looks like this project has fallen apart, what with Frenchie and Eva being caught up in schoolwork and the comments having hit the "30 days with update" mark. And so the Character ID-ing comes to a close. At least, for now.

And now, Character ID-ing returns with a vengeance in a whole new blog, with everyone being assigned over again. At least, that's what the decision is for now. We need new submissions for the Council as well, though Eva and Frenchie are free to rejoin upon their return.

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