Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised has launched, and so far, received solid reception. The only complaints so far are Vulmen's and Courage's dislike of Katara, and the other characters. Mostly Katara...anyway, I want to thank everyone here for being so friendly and welcoming to the new guy, and giving me feedback on my series. As everyone here should know, the original series had a very quiet and humble start, with a far more light-hearted attitude and weaker character development. But it metamorphosized into the titanic, wonderful series we all know and love. I think my series will be able to evolve into something great as well. I have a grand vision for my series...I originally conceived it with a very large scope in mind. I look forward to continuing forward with A:TLAR, and hope with all my heart that it will satisfy my readers as much as I expect it to satisfy me. My worst fear is that I'll become dissatisfied and lose my enthusiasm, like Flash did... Anyways, I think I had more s*** to say before, but I forgot. I'll update this in the future anyway, so it doesn't really matter. All I'd like to say is thank you all for the opportunity to start the series.

I have a few requests to ask of anyone willing to respond. One, could somebody put the images on chapters two and three of my series into the Infoboxes on those pages? Two, I have to say that Courage has given me a bunch of really good questions about my series on Irc, including about Hama, the Swamp tribe, and even the political organization of the water tribes. I'd appreciate to see my readers leaving questions like these on A:TLAR Q & A.

Here's a few links, to the headquarters and timelines of the series, as well as the first two chapters of the series.


Timeline (A:TLAR)

The Boy in the Ice (A:TLAR)

The Journey Begins (A:TLAR)

 Hell Hath No Fury (A:TLAR)

The official hiatus for A:TLAR will hopefully finally end within the next few weeks. I intend to write and release chapter four before the end of April, as I finally have my plans for both of its plotlines established.