Avatar:The Last Airbender Revised, or A:TLAR, is my (Lovelyb0nes') idea for a creative tribute to the original series. My proposal is a revision of the classic Avatar storyline with more mature writing and characterization, as I (and I think others do as well) feel that the series could have had potential for even further greatness if it had not aimed for a young audience. I'm not saying I could do better than the original writers, I just want to show my interpretations of the universe, give tribute to a great animation series, and have a creative writing outlet set within the Avatar universe. This is my first really public wikia work, as all I've done before this is write on the small-community Mass Effect Fanon Wiki.

The series now has a headquarters and a timeline, as well as a moderate reader-base that I hope will continue its expansion over time.

17-The Master Tribe (contains the primary Sokka plotline, Heart of Ice; contains the main katara plotline, The Right to be a Warrior; and it contains the primary Aang plotline, The Ebb and Flow of the Tides.

18-The Fire Fleet, 19/20-The Battle of the Citadel, Parts One and Two. Okay, there we go.

The first six chapters of A:TLAR are presently available for reading.

A:TLAR recently successfully gained a Fanonbending Template from the master of disastrously funny, TAD. This series will need help with getting images into infoboxes in the future, but TAD has thankfully made that her responsibility.


A:TLAR Book One will consist of twenty chapters. Chapters 7 and 8 are currently being worked on.

The chapter 'The Huntress' has been assimilated into the plot of 'The Storm.'

Book One can be defined as five arcs, which are as follows:

Chapters: 1-4, 'Beginnings'

5-8, 'Refugees'

9-12, 'The Lake'

13-16, 'Discoveries and Victories'

17-20, 'The Ice Citadel

Miniseries/Extended Universe:

1. 'The Out of Mind subplot (which would've been centered on Miza's activities during her time following Team Avatar) will instead be a six-part miniseries. Out of Mind's first chapter release will be in late 2011.

2. To Avenge will elaborate on the backstory of Combustion Man.

3. Lick The Flames will describe Azula's tedious life of leisure in the events immediately preceding her introduction in Chapter Eighteen.

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