• Lovelyb0nes

    Character ID-ing will return to the Wiki anew, with a reformed Council, though again, Eva and Frenchie are free to participate upon their returns to being active. Many previously-occupied Characters will be available to users that request being assigned one, but any user that returns from inactivity and addresses the Council on their character will have their ID be reinstated. Anyone active that isn't listed below must address the Council and be reassigned.

    Council: Lovelyb0nes, TAD, Three slots are currently unoccupied. Please address Trill or LB directly about working on the council.

    Inactive: Frenchie and Eva


    Vulmen: Pakku

    DoTW: Iroh

    888: Jeong Jeong (You can ask for this to be removed if you'd like, 888.)

    Thailog: Ozai




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  • Lovelyb0nes

    Fans of my Avatar:The Last Airbender Revised:

    I. .have a question. What are your thoughts on Katara Jai, the most controversial character (quite possibly the most controversial element in general) of the series? Why do you guys not complain about her like so many people do? Do you like her as a character and, if so, why?

    Personally, she's the character that I enjoy writing more than any of the others. . Hers is the story that I most want to tell, but for the record, I care about all of the stories within A:TLAR. Why is she inherently unlikable to so many people, yet Millennia2 says, "Characters are easy to bond and connect with?" I'm not questioning the validity of anyone's opinion, I am honestly curious about what gaps there are between…

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  • Lovelyb0nes

    The Avatar Demotivator and Lovelyb0nes of the republic of Boneshire would like to bring you this message. The Clash of Worlds comedy trilogy was amazing, but sadly, their dreams of the fourth clash cannot be realized as too few of the CoW veterans are active these days. The remaining active former CoW writers are Waterkai and Mightybrit, both of which will soon be contacted with this proposal. My and TAD's proposal is this: a reboot of the Clash of Worlds series, featuring the new generation of popular fanon, as well as the return of original series like Guardian and CoD and classic characters such as Nero and Lee Koisho. So, these are some ground guidelines for how this would work:

    • Eight series will participate in the Clash
    • A series does n…
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  • Lovelyb0nes

    A:TLAR Updates 2

    April 24, 2011 by Lovelyb0nes

    Avatar:The Last Airbender Revised, or A:TLAR, is my (Lovelyb0nes') idea for a creative tribute to the original series. My proposal is a revision of the classic Avatar storyline with more mature writing and characterization, as I (and I think others do as well) feel that the series could have had potential for even further greatness if it had not aimed for a young audience. I'm not saying I could do better than the original writers, I just want to show my interpretations of the universe, give tribute to a great animation series, and have a creative writing outlet set within the Avatar universe. This is my first really public wikia work, as all I've done before this is write on the small-community Mass Effect Fanon Wiki.

    The series now has a …

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  • Lovelyb0nes

    Happy Saint Valentine's!

    February 14, 2011 by Lovelyb0nes

    (Original credit goes to Kaizuh and Ginga)

    Shh...I won't tell anybody if you won't....

    If you could form a relationship with any one of the characters in the Avatar universe, who would it be? Would it be a platonic/friendly relationship or romantic? Would you be able to maintain the relationship? Why would you choose so and so? There will be no judgment against people for who they choose and what relationship. Think of this as a friendly discussion. I don't want anyone to feel awkward :)

    Rules: Limited profanity

    Appropriate statement regarding intimacy and sexuality (this is a kid-open site, after all)

    No discrimination toward others for their sexuality or friendship choices.

    I won't divide this into character categories. I'll leave who is menti…

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