Sean Gantka, who worked as a production manager for Legend of Korra, did an interview with youtube channel YumChunks. Almost 2½ hours long, it was filmed on Saturday Dec. 27th and posted online Jan 8, 2015. Much was discussed about the show.

Below is a copy of a very interesting list of excerpted quotes pertinent to Korrasami from the above linked interview, found at shineyq's tumblr. Please note her disclaimer about exactness and context. Feel free to compare against the actual interview.

List of important shipping/Korrasami quotes from this interview with Sean Gantka who worked as a production manager for Legend of Korra. (Please note that my transcript/quotes might be slightly flawed and of course are taken out of the context of the actual conversations).

"The majority of the people on the crew were probably more in favor of Korra and Asami. And I think it’s because we got to see the build of that from behind the scenes. I’ve always been in favor of that relationship”

"The important thing to note, though, too, is that as far as the importance that it [Korra and Asami together romantically] has and all these things, as much as I say we’re really proud of it, none of it was ever done with just that in mind. Like none of it was engineered, Mike and Bryan didn’t just sit there and go ‘hm, we should do this so we can be revolutionary’.”

"He [Bryan] had been banding about the idea of Korra and Asami as early as Book 1, so it was mentioned. So it was a thing, but it was one of those things, like Bryan said, they never knew whether or not they could ask or you know suggest, like, ‘hey, we’re gonna take it in this direction’. It was something that was mentioned, but it was never- that’s why to me, that’s why I feel it’s as organic as it is, is because I knew it was something that was like an idea, but no one was sure we’d actually be able to do it. Like, it wasn’t forced.”

"… ‘they had this relationship that sort of transcended friendship, but wasn’t quite romantic’. I think that’s sort of what they were going for initially, it’s like let’s have them have a connection - let’s do away with the idea of two girls fighting over the same guy, let’s take out the catty notion of stereotypical female characters. In doing that, they created this cool relationship and, you know, went along that way, and from that I think that it just sort of grew, you know, in that way to be something more. And then they saw the opportunity to solidify".

"Like, they made it clear when they [Mako and Korra] broke up -" ("This thing doesn’t work-") "-Right! And will never work. And Mako confirms it again in Remembrances, when it’s like you know, nah, that’s not a thing”.

"By the the time the fans were posting about how much they like those two characters together [Asami and Korra throughout Book 3], we were already done with the series".

"I know there was some stuff about ‘how the ending changed’, which is true, but it only changed into something that had already been thought of".

”’Korra and Mako were meant to end up together, because that’s the way Book 1 ended when it was supposed to just be a mini series!’, but something to keep in mind is that we were picked up for not only Book 2, but Book 3 and 4 before Book 1 even aired. Almost half-way through working on Book 1 we were picked up for Book 2, so that did alter how Book 1 was gonna end in order to set up for the existence of a Book 2”.

"Asami is Korra’s heart!"

"It’s interesting to me, because I feel like I’m reading too much into it, but when you watch the moments in Book 1 where Asami is jealous of Mako and Korra, and like, ~which one is she actually jealous of? But I honestly think that it did develop. I don’t think it was something she was always, like, I’m into Korra. I think it was like, oh this girl is cool and then you sort of figure…”.

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