Ok, well, I know the movie is kind of old now, but I decided to say what I think. (=


I may be kind of rude in this review, which isn't normally me, but this movie infuriated me. =\

A Mistake

I recently saw "The Last Airbender" movie, as any Avatar fan would. (Just recently because I heard bad reviews, but I decided to see it anyway.) I was excited to see it... which was a huge mistake. I wanted to give this movie at least some credit, but it seemed impossible.


So this movie, sadly, had really no character development. It was almost as if they (the actors) were improvising on stage. In the series, when Sokka and Katara find Aang, after a while you could tell they were becoming closer friends. They bonded throughout Book 1. In the movie, you can't seem to tell if they're even friends at all. It's almost as if they said, "So...we found this kid in an iceberg...and he's the guess we'll have to help him because we have no choice..." There was truly no development. Developing trust, courage, love...what happened to all of that? In the show, at least, in Book 1, Aang is this fun-loving, caring, sensitive, outgoing, adventurous kid. In the movie, they didn't capture that at all. He was a very serious "this-is-buissness" sort of person, which is nothing like him at all. Katara is the mother of the group, the nurturer, the caretaker, kind, gentle, inspirational. But, in the movie she was just...a person. To me, they didn't give Katara the credit she deserved. She's a main character, too! She didn't really do much. =\ Sokka is the "leader", sarcastic, over-protective, and an overall good person. In the movie, he was as boring as anything, and didn't even try to be sarcastic. Zuko and Iroh I guess you could say went over well, considering everyone else. I think the problem was either M. Night or the actors didn't have too much understanding of the characters as a whole.

Pronouncing Names...And "Avatar"

The pronunciation is what really ticked me off. First, Aang is pronounced Ong (ON-g) which is strange because, if you're going to make a movie out of something, shouldn't you know how to pronounce the main character's name properly? Second, Sokka is pronounced Soka (SOAK-a.) Again, if you're doing a movie you should really know how to pronounce the character's names. Thirdly, Iroh is pronounced Eroh. (EAR-oh.) *Sighs* Lastly Avatar is pronounced Ovatar. (OV-atar.) Ughh...Maybe they thought it would sound better with Ong; Avatar Aang, Ovatar Ong? *Raises an eyebrow.* I really don't know...


In the movie, Aang showed no affection for Katara at all. It just doesn't make sence. Love is a huge aspect in this show. If they're not in love, how is the series supposed to end? Also, Sokka and Yue. When Yue died, Sokka acted like he almost didn't care! And what about Suki? She's supposed to come in in the second movie, but they met her in Book 1. That pretty much threw most of Sokka's love line for the series out of whack.

Overall Storyline

The overall storyline was pretty hard to follow, and kind of confusing. They were at one place one second, another place the next second. The only way we found out where they were was on the bottom of the screen it would say "At______" See, we understood it because we had watched the series before and knew where they were going and why they had to go there. If I were a person who had gone to see this movie because it looked good, I would just be sitting there going "What in the world!?" It just transitioned way too quickly.


So, I guess this was a good movie if you had never seen the show before. Overall, it was pretty frustrating. Hopefully things will go well with the second movie...that is, if there is one.

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