Obsession With Avatar (Part 2)

So, we know now that we're all pretty obsessed with this show.

...But, have you ever thought why? Or asked yourself...

Why is this show so powerful to me?

Why do I continue to watch this show, over and over again?

Why did I cry when the series ended? (Haha; I did...)

Why do I connect myself with these animated characters?

Why do I feel different emotions when I'm watching or reading about it: happy, excited, scared, nervous?

Why do I continue to write/read fanons about this?

Why does it feel like Avatar's more of a passion, a love, than a show?

Why is this show so overwhelming that I feel like I can't get enough of it?

I've tried to ask myself these questions, it seemed impossible, but, they all lead to the same lessons.

Avatar's taught me that friends can help you through everything.

Avatar's taught me that we all have a destiny awaiting us...even if we don't know it yet.

Avatar's taught me that love takes time, but when it comes around, it's true, pure, beautiful...real.

Avatar's taught me that forgiveness is so important.

Avatar's taught me that violence is never, ever the answer.

Avatar's taught me that we've all, every single one of us in this world, have struggled, and that we've all cried and faced hardships...

Avatar's taught me that you can overcome.

Avatar's taught me to stay strong.

Avatar's taught me to dig down, deep inside of myself, and find courage in every situation.

Avatar's taught me to never, ever, give up.

Avatar's taught me not to be afraid of the world.

Avatar's taught me to tell the world what I believe in, to not be afraid to stand up and speak out.

Avatar's taught me that we all have the ability to be brave, and that we all have the ablility to change the world.

Avatar's taught me...

That an animated show can be absolutely...amazing.

And see, when you combine all those things, and get the passion, the emotion, the story, the amazement that is...Avatar.

Pretty Much Katara In Real Life Waterbending emblem 18:48, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

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