Almost everyone has grown to love a certain character in Avatar. And isn't it amazing how some of us realized that certain characters actually look like us, or have similar personalities as us? Mabey, it's just the love of the character that took a serious impact on us. Or mabey it's just as simple as you just happen to be like them. (like me.) Either way, it's pretty amazing how you can be like an Avatar character. (=


So, first let's talk about which character has your personality. Your "personality twin" as I'd like to call it. Are you funny and sarcastic like Sokka, strong and fun~loving when you can be like Aang? My personality twin is Katara. Like her, I'm kind, caring, mothery, compassionate, in between girly~girl and tomboy, and enjoy getting my fortune told. ^_^ I also fight sometimes with my sister, who's kind of like Toph. (= (and so much more, it would take forever to list...........)

Katara and Toph wrestle

"I also fight sometimes with my sister, who's kind of like Toph. (=


Alright. Now it's to looks. Do you look like anyone from Avatar? Do you have brown hair, and brownish~chaanging eyes like Aang, or do you have reddish~brown hair and blue~green eyes like Suki? I, again, look exactly like Katara. I'm not "tooting my own horn", but I've been told by to many people to dissagree. ^_~

So, do you have an Avatar Look~A~Like or Personality Twin??

Pretty Much Katara In Real Life Waterbending emblem 20:22, October 28, 2011 (UTC)

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