aka Katara

  • I live in the Southern Water Tribe.
  • My occupation is being a constant Avatar fanatic, student, and helping out where ever it's needed. I also teach Waterbending here and there.
  • I am a Waterbending master.
  • LoveHopeDream123

    So, we know now that we're all pretty obsessed with this show.

    ...But, have you ever thought why? Or asked yourself...

    Why is this show so powerful to me?

    Why do I continue to watch this show, over and over again?

    Why did I cry when the series ended? (Haha; I did...)

    Why do I connect myself with these animated characters?

    Why do I feel different emotions when I'm watching or reading about it: happy, excited, scared, nervous?

    Why do I continue to write/read fanons about this?

    Why does it feel like Avatar's more of a passion, a love, than a show?

    Why is this show so overwhelming that I feel like I can't get enough of it?

    I've tried to ask myself these questions, it seemed impossible, but, they all lead to the same lessons.

    Avatar's taught me that frie…

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  • LoveHopeDream123
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  • LoveHopeDream123

    Ok, well, I know the movie is kind of old now, but I decided to say what I think. (=

    I may be kind of rude in this review, which isn't normally me, but this movie infuriated me. =\

    I recently saw "The Last Airbender" movie, as any Avatar fan would. (Just recently because I heard bad reviews, but I decided to see it anyway.) I was excited to see it... which was a huge mistake. I wanted to give this movie at least some credit, but it seemed impossible.

    So this movie, sadly, had really no character development. It was almost as if they (the actors) were improvising on stage. In the series, when Sokka and Katara find Aang, after a while you could tell they were becoming closer friends. They bonded throughout Book 1. In the movie, you can't seem to t…

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  • LoveHopeDream123

    Almost everyone has grown to love a certain character in Avatar. And isn't it amazing how some of us realized that certain characters actually look like us, or have similar personalities as us? Mabey, it's just the love of the character that took a serious impact on us. Or mabey it's just as simple as you just happen to be like them. (like me.) Either way, it's pretty amazing how you can be like an Avatar character. (=

    So, first let's talk about which character has your personality. Your "personality twin" as I'd like to call it. Are you funny and sarcastic like Sokka, strong and fun~loving when you can be like Aang? My personality twin is Katara. Like her, I'm kind, caring, mothery, compassionate, in between girly~girl and tomboy, and enjoy…

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  • LoveHopeDream123

    Avatar. Isn't It amazing how one show, one t.v. show can have an impact on so many people, no matter how young or old. All of us come on this website for our love of Avatar, how we just can't live without it!!

    Think of your life without Avatar!

    Most people I know think Avatar is "lame", "stupid", or "outdated." I didn't let them get to me at first. Then, I started to wonder.....

    Does ANYONE still like Avatar...Am I the ONLY one?!

    That's why I came on here. So many people, who, like me, still love Avatar, and are pretty much obbsessed with it!! (in a good way (=)

    To make a long story short, Avatar will NEVER be "lame", "stupid" or "outdated." Because in our eyes, the biggest fans of Avatar, it's the best thing that's ever been created.

    So long live A…

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