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    In Avatar: the Last Airbender, numerous places have been created.

    (check out Architecture in the World of Avatar )

    Water Tribe

    • Northern Water Tribe
    • Southern Water Tribe
    • Foggy Swamp Tribe
    • Western Water Fortrees (Water Tribe Avatar Temple)

    Earth Kingdom

    • Ba Sing Se
    • Chin Village
    • Foggy Swamp
    • Full Moon Bay
    • Gaoling
    • Great Divide
    • River Village
    • Kyoshi Island
    • Lake Laogai
    • Makapu Village
    • Omashu
    • Plains Village
    • Serpent's Pass
    • Song's Village
    • Si Wong Desert
    • Senlin Village
    • Wan Shi Tong's Library
    • Wulong Forest

    Fire Nation

    • Capital City
    • Boiling Rock
    • Crescent Island
    • Ember Island
    • Fire Fountain City
    • Jang Hui
    • Roku's Island
    • Shu Jing

    Air Nomads

    • Northern Air Temple
    • Southern Air Temple
    • Eastern Air Temple
    • Western Air Temple

    If options are too wide, why don't you just vote for your favourite for every nation.


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    Reason I write this blog:

    I'm going to celebrate CNY!!!

    Next week (which is tomorrow) (counting down) is quite busy for me. I will be "officially" offline for weeks a week.

    Ur can leave message for me.

    Hope every wikians enjoy yourselves.

    Happy Chines New Year!新年快乐!Bye bye!

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    November 2010

    January 6, 2011 by Lotus Ying

    Staring from today, i may be not as active as past. But i wil be back in November 2010.Lotus Ying (talk • contribs) 11:08, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

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