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    Ok Guys. I’m reviewing Ep 1 & 2 of LOK

    Ok, so I will admit, I haven’t seen all the episodes of Aang. I watched the 1st half of S1 and the last half of S3 + 7 or so episode in-between, & It did improve how I viewed Korra, knowing more of the background information when I watched it for a 2nd time.

    Rebel Spirit

    K, so we start off the episode with two random fishermen, and their ship getting destroyed by a Spirit-Like-Octopus? Fine, I don’t care. But the Equilists get off Scott Free after segregating an entire city, and probably committed murder more than once, and tried to kill the Avatar?! What, NBD now?! W/E Republic City!

    K so Mako’s a cop? Sure, why not. Bolin is still doing the Fire Ferrets alone? I kinda don’t buy it. I feel like he’d fo…

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  • Lorisa214

    Ladies OWN!

    September 11, 2013 by Lorisa214

    Can we talk about how bad a$$ (can I swear in a blog??) the ladies are? I mean, yes Katara. But Azula, tho evil, knew how to take care of business. She was two years younger than her brother, and still able to take him on at 14ish years old.

    + Toph who is blind!!!

    & yeah, Korra! Who's assertive, and semi-aggresive and does what needs to be done. Over all else. She stands her ground agents grown men twice her age and older. She faced near death, and walked it off. I mean, people came to murder her! And it broke and hurt her yes. but she over came her personal feelings & got back out there! That's real bravery. To be scared, but do what needs to be done anyways.

    IDK, This turned into a why I love Korra, but I just like how assertive the girls are…

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