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For my Book 2 in Avatar: The Tragedy of Korra I was thinking of getting a co-author. Im in need of some new ideas, though I still have many written down, I still feel I can make this fanon even greater. (SPOILER ALERT) I was thinking of doing something with Toph soon but my original idea was for her to come in the story in Book 3. I need no help with creating images for the story, just need a little help with more ideas.

In order to be the co-author of my Fanon, you will need to have read everything I've written in Book 1 so far, including the finale. If you have any ideas, just message me or something so we can collab on Book 2 and maybe even Book 3 if Book 2 was a success.

(SPOILER ALERT) I was also thinking of bringing back an old enemy. Actually, there is an old enemy being brought back, if you read the Book 1 Finale, but I was thinking of another one.

So yeah, contact me if you want the job! :D

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