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Similaritys between Lin and the Lieutenant: I

Lintenant August 17, 2012 User blog:Lintenant

Lin Bei Fong and The Lieutenant have the following in common...

  • They both are warriors
  • They are both leaders
  • They are both ranking officers of an orginization
  • They both wear Armor
  • They both hate Amon
  • They both live in Republic City
  • They both Live in the United Republic City of Nations
  • They both are middle aged
  • They are both single
  • They are both skilled fighter
  • They both like Chinese food (unconfirmed)
  • They both disagree with the Tarlocks treatment of nonbenders
  • They both have visited the sewer system
  • They both didnt like Korra at first
  • They both listen to the radio
  • Both go to Pro-Bending compititons
  • Both have been defeted in combat by Amon
  • Both have a beef with Tenzin's family
  • Both value their carrers
  • Both have quit their previous job be Continued...

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