I've seen lots of terrible movies and this one tops them all. I love the series and was at first open to the idea of a movie, I loved the show, how could I not love the movie? No. It was terrible. The graphics- I know that movies dont need graphics to be good, 12 Angry Men is one of my favorite movies and it takes place in one room for 2 hours, But the graphics made it terrible. The water looked so fake and the worst part is that it looked like they tried to make the water good. Aang's air was so un-impressive, they were all freaking out and im thinking...what? It was so obvious the earth was animated it didn't even look like earth at all, and the fire was just plain ridiculous, I've seen Wii games with more realistic fire. The fighting styles- I just wanted to cry when all these earth benders were just flailing their arms around for 8 seconds before a pebble pops out of the ground. The fighting styles were so elegent in the show and in the movie they were all just spazing out. The mashing of episodes- This is what they tried to do, get a 100 piece puzzle and make the same picture with 20 pieces. It doesn't work. I saw a little bit of Hyrue and yet he was also squished into a little kid from Kyoshi Island, we dont have an earthbending teen worrying about his dad or an inocent villager adoring Team Avatar. We get somthing in the middle where it has as much depth and meaning as a piece of celery. One more example. They combined the Blue Spirit episode with the Northern Air Temple. All of the plot from both are eliminated and we dont get a giant fortress Zuko has to save him from, we dont get the best archery in the universe, we dont get the air temple memories of Aang or any character development, two great episodes with great plots and value to a movie chewed up and spit out. The cast choice- Now im sure all the actors and actresses are great at what they do but there are some things that shouldn't have messed up. Iroh, not EE-ro. Sokka, not Sook-ahhhh. And Aang, not aah-NG. Did they even watch the show? Zuko, where was his scar? You know the giant reminder his father engraved on his son, the trade mark of Zuko, Its like forgeting to give Sokka good jokes (oh wait) or Aang his arrow. All I saw was a rash, maby a run in with some dandelions from the other side of town. I could go on but I think you get the point. Lastly- Everything else- There wasnt a giant fish, spirit of the sea, destroying the largest Fire Nation armada ever assembled, They replaced it with him lifting a 150ft wave (Katara could do better) and he just let it down after they turned away... what... yeah, I know. Im thinking, isn't Aang furious? And Why doesnt the Fire Nation fleet continue attacking after he spares them. What was the longest line in that movie, maby a paragraph. I hate to say it but the Katara from the film reminded me more of the Ember Island Player's Katara, except I dont find it funny this time. Ok enough of me ranting. Basicly dont watch the movie. It is a discrace and it physicaly left me sick to the stomach. I dont know how they made it as bad as they did and if I ever re-wach it will be because I need the anger, frustration and evil thoughts to become a Sith Lord. BAD MOVIE.

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