• I live in What ever state Springfeild is in
  • My occupation is Guardian of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antiock. Part time Pokemon Master. Jedi Knight. Double O Agent. Space Ranger. Blues Brother.
  • I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul
  • Lintenant

    Lin Bei Fong and The Lieutenant have the following in common...

    • They both are warriors
    • They are both leaders
    • They are both ranking officers of an orginization
    • They both wear Armor
    • They both hate Amon
    • They both live in Republic City
    • They both Live in the United Republic City of Nations
    • They both are middle aged
    • They are both single
    • They are both skilled fighter
    • They both like Chinese food (unconfirmed)
    • They both disagree with the Tarlocks treatment of nonbenders
    • They both have visited the sewer system
    • They both didnt like Korra at first
    • They both listen to the radio
    • Both go to Pro-Bending compititons
    • Both have been defeted in combat by Amon
    • Both have a beef with Tenzin's family
    • Both value their carrers
    • Both have quit their previous job be Continued...

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  • Lintenant

    I've seen lots of terrible movies and this one tops them all. I love the series and was at first open to the idea of a movie, I loved the show, how could I not love the movie? No. It was terrible. The graphics- I know that movies dont need graphics to be good, 12 Angry Men is one of my favorite movies and it takes place in one room for 2 hours, But the graphics made it terrible. The water looked so fake and the worst part is that it looked like they tried to make the water good. Aang's air was so un-impressive, they were all freaking out and im thinking...what? It was so obvious the earth was animated it didn't even look like earth at all, and the fire was just plain ridiculous, I've seen Wii games with more realistic fire. The fighting st…

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