I know I have mentioned this subject before on Korra's discussion thingy but I just can't get it off my mind. My question was:

I was wondering, did you guys remember that drawing of a 6-year old Korra firebending. How is it possible for her to firebend when you can mention someone to be the Avatar at the age of 16?! (Except for Aang)

The "use your imagination" thing won't work on me. I need an explanation on almost everything, I want to know the truth. What I can remember is that Aang used firebending before learning Water and Earth, but he wasn't the same age as Korra was. Now I've been thinking that the 6 year old Korra was only a sketch made by Bryke, maybe they let her firebend without any reason, just for fun, randomness. Anyways I'll stop worrieing from now on and I might go to bed.

Oh sh*t this is my first blog, time to make some more!

Goodnight for now~!

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